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How to Chose a SMART Real Estate Investing Fund: (Private Money, REITS, Equity, Structure, Tax). Investing in Real Estate Private Equity: Smartest Guide to Real Estate Partnerships, Funds, Joint Ventures & Crowdfunding. Inspiration by Nick Jevic, Sean Cook, Jason Hartman, Robert Kiyosaki, Joe Fairless, Than Merrill, Bigger Pockets
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  1. 051: Marko: A Technology Platform for Investors

    Today it is my pleasure to have Lance Peterson on the show. He has quite a unique platform in real estate since he comes from a background in technology. Because of both of those passions, he also has his own software for investors called Marko. We talk about ...


  2. 050: Multifamily Motivation: Lawsuits and Lifestyle

    Today I have the pleasure of talking with Cory Boatright, a marketer, negotiator, and member of Collective Genius Mastermind. Cory’s wisdom, experience, and friendship is greatly appreciated.  Cory and I talk about the ups and downs in the world of investing, business, and entrepreneurship by maximizing your ...


  3. 049: Are Shopping Centers a Great Investment Opportunity?

    Today I have the pleasure of talking with Rob Levy, who has been in the Real Estate business for 30 years. While some people think of it as a going down sector, Rob and I think of it as a land of opportunity. It’s a little bit of ...


  4. 048: Real Estates Funds Explained

      Today David Phelps from the Freedom Founders and I will be talking about real estate funds. We will do a quick overview, talk about what the big picture is (in investing in real estate), and where we’re going today with funds.  Minute Markers: 01:30 - Disclaimer 02:00 ...


  5. 047: Going the Extra Mile: Portfolio and Investment Goals

    Today I’m talking to Ryan Parson who is out on the road on the Motorhome and Money Tour for Mile Marker Club. We’re chatting about what the Mile Marker Club is, how to invest your money, learning along the way, and about what you need to consider when ...