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How to Chose a SMART Real Estate Investing Fund: (Private Money, REITS, Equity, Structure, Tax). Investing in Real Estate Private Equity: Smartest Guide to Real Estate Partnerships, Funds, Joint Ventures & Crowdfunding. Inspiration by Nick Jevic, Sean Cook, Jason Hartman, Robert Kiyosaki, Joe Fairless, Than Merrill, Bigger Pockets
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 046: Economic Indicators and the Stock Market

      On today’s episode, I’m talking with economist and trader, Frances Newton Stacy. She works for Optimal Capital as the director of portfolio strategy. Frances is also a frequent guest on both CNBC, as well as Fox Business News as a commentator on Central Bank Policy. She also blogs ...


  2. 045: Million Dollar Wholesaler

    Today I talk with the energetic #1 Wholesaler in the US last year, Tom Krol. We talk about family and Wholesaling. Not wholesaling furniture, tomatoes, or pajamas, but wholesaling real estate. Tom explains his views on business, what wholesaling is (it’s all about marketing and less about real ...


  3. 044: Increase Cash Flow and Generate Passive Income

    Today I am talking with Chris Miles, the “cash flow expert” on the craziness of a full household, how he creates cash flow for thousands of his clients, his definition of infinite banking, and creating acceleration in your finances. Minute Markers: 00:28 – Welcome Chris Miles 02:25 ...


  4. 043: Are Quad Cities Ideal for Turnkey Real Estate Investments?

    Today we talked with long-time guest Matt Larson about why Quad Cities is a great place to live and do real estate; the process and statistics for turn-key starter homes; and the ins and outs of working with contractors. Minute Markers: 00:28 – Welcome Matt Larson 01:05 ...


  5. 042: How to Raise Money from Mom and Pop Investors

    My guest today is Jay Conner from Moorhead City, North Carolina. A big, kind shark in a small pond, he works in small-town real estate investments. Today we talk about raising “small money,  ‘mom-and-pop’ style money” for real estate deals. MINUTE MARKERS: 00:30  -- Introduce Jay ...