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How to Chose a SMART Real Estate Investing Fund: (Private Money, REITS, Equity, Structure, Tax). Investing in Real Estate Private Equity: Smartest Guide to Real Estate Partnerships, Funds, Joint Ventures & Crowdfunding. Inspiration by Nick Jevic, Sean Cook, Jason Hartman, Robert Kiyosaki, Joe Fairless, Than Merrill, Bigger Pockets
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  1. 073: Building and Obtaining Business Credit With Steve Wible

    On today’s episode, I’m talking with Steve Wible. Steve is a Marine Corps veteran with a deep background in real estate sales, flipping and property management, print manufacturing, and of course, building and obtaining business credit. He has founded and led multiple successful companies and had as many as 300+ ...


  2. 072: The Value in Investing in Self-Storage Facilities With Jake Vanderslice

    Welcome to The Big Mike Fund Podcast. Today, it is my pleasure and a privilege to welcome Jake Vanderslice to the podcast. Jake is a specialist in self-storage and is also a brother from the Freedom Founders Mastermind as well as the Collective Genius Mastermind. In this episode Jake and ...


  3. 071: The Stigma of Section 8 and Government Checks With Fuquan Bilal

    Welcome to The Big Mike Fund Podcast. Today it is my privilege and a pleasure to have Fuquan Bilal. Fuquan and I are good friends and are in a couple of masterminds together (The Collective Genius and The Freedom Founders). He has been doing fix and flips and rentals in ...


  4. 070: The Points of Interaction With Multi-Family Acquisitions

    Welcome to The Big Mike Fund Podcast. Today I’m chatting with Charles Dobens, a multi-family attorney. His personal mission statement is to help investors buy multi-family projects the right way. He talks about coaching, his views on the future of the market, his points of interaction in the process of ...


  5. 069: How Small Businesses and Large Companies Use Virtual Assistants with Robert Nickell

    Welcome to The Big Mike Fund Podcast. Today it is my pleasure to have Robert Nickell here on the show with me. Rob is another brother from the Collective Genius Mastermind. He’s also known as the “Master Blaster of the Virtual Assistants.” While he is an expert in virtual staffing, ...