Big Mike Fund Podcast

048: Real Estates Funds Explained

Big Mike Fund Podcast
048: Real Estates Funds Explained


Today David Phelps from the Freedom Founders and I will be talking about real estate funds. We will do a quick overview, talk about what the big picture is (in investing in real estate), and where we’re going today with funds. 

Minute Markers:

01:30 - Disclaimer

02:00 - Who is David?

03:43 - Freedom Fighters

04:30 - David’s book, “From High Income To High Net Worth”

05:25 - All about Mike

06:35 - A little bit about different types of investing

08:41 - “What should I invest in first?”

10:40 - Public versus Private Funds

13:06 - Security as trade and exchanges

14:05 - Fund Objective and Investment Philosophy

19:00 - Risk-adjusted return

21:08 - Does the given fund live in quadrant one

22:58 - Diversified versus focused funds

24:20 - Open-ended versus closed-ended funds

27:19 - Equity versus debt versus debt and equity funds

31:12 - Income versus growth versus growth and income funds

37:27 - Who determines what the value is of the various assets in a fund

41:30 - “How do investors receive unrealized gains?”

43:30 - Long term gains and short term gains

46:58 - Income and growth investing

49:54 - Summary of the Tempo Opportunity Fund

54:48 - Freedom Founders

56:42 - Final Thoughts and Thank yous

57:18 – Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast

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