Big Mike Fund Podcast

070: The Points of Interaction With Multi-Family Acquisitions

Big Mike Fund Podcast
070: The Points of Interaction With Multi-Family Acquisitions

Welcome to The Big Mike Fund Podcast. Today I’m chatting with Charles Dobens, a multi-family attorney. His personal mission statement is to help investors buy multi-family projects the right way. He talks about coaching, his views on the future of the market, his points of interaction in the process of multi-family property investments, and why this is his passion.


Minute Markers:

00:20 – Hello and welcome

01:00 - A bit about Charles and his passion

05:00 - The points of interaction with multi-family acquisitions

07:30 - Coaching

12:30 - Examples of mistakes investors make with letters of intent

19:20 - Personal story about partnerships in business

22:00 - Politics

25:10 - How Charles coaches his students

28:30 - C-class properties and markets with good cash flow

31:30 - Workforce Housing

34:20 - Getting a hold of Charles

35:34 - Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund podcast



“After it happens, there’s not a whole lot I can do for you but before it happens, I can walk you through the minefield and make sure you’re protected and you do everything the right way.” – Charles Dobens

“I love it so much because it’s so logical. Being in the multifamily business and being a lawyer, you just like logic..” – Charles Dobens

“Multifamily investing is not about real estate. It’s about building a business that invests in multi-family property. You’ve got to build that business the right way, then that runs your life and provides you the lifestyle that you need.” – Charles Dobens

“Plan the divorce before you get married with a partnership.” – Charles Dobens

“Careful who you partner with. If you partner with an idiot, you’re stuck with an idiot.” – Mike Zlotnik



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