Big Mike Fund Podcast

066: The Future of Real Estate Market With Caleb Pearson

Big Mike Fund Podcast
066: The Future of Real Estate Market With Caleb Pearson

Welcome to The Big Mike Fund Podcast. Today it is my pleasure and a privilege to have Caleb Pearson behind the mic. He is another brother from the Mastermind group. On this episode, Caleb and I talk about Zoom Offers (Caleb’s web-based real estate software), the future of the market, contractors, interest rates, and the prevalence of remote work in the suburbs even before the pandemic.


Minute Markers:

00:22 - Welcome

01:40 - About Caleb

03:00 - What is Zoom Offer?

05:25 - Zoom Offers’ two main features

10:30 - Zoom Offers details

11:55 - The future of the market

14:40 - Political climates, news, and how it affects the market

16:30 - Caleb’s pulse on the market

17:15 - Contractors, vendors, and labor issues

20:20 - Interest rates

22:30 - People living in the suburbs and working in the city or remotely

24:34 - Getting in contact with Caleb

25:49 - Thank you for listening to the Big Mike Fund Podcast



“The market here is changing. It’s not as easy as it was to sell homes. You can’t just list anything at any price and it gets showings and gets contracts. It’s niche-y to where certain price points in affordable housing.” – Caleb Pearson

“You get to a project where [contractors] try to either to you or you try to push them too hard to where they start to resent you and it hurts us.” – Caleb Pearson

“One interesting thing is the interest rates. One of the big variables is where we’re going with the interest rates. [...] It’s the same theory that I had, that the long term interest rates in the long run had nowhere to go but down. We may not hit the absolute zero, but there’s just no way for the US economy in general to afford higher interest rates.” – Mike Zlotnik

“Whatever economic change and individual situations, people can always scale down, can’t scale up.” – Mike Zlotnik



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